Coffee MIO

Coffee MIO

Blending the best coffee beans to create flavours that delight

“Coffee is our passion.” Coffee MIO’s coffee beans come from exotic places like Brazil, Kenya, Colombia, Costa Rica, Jamaica and the Ivory Coast, just to name a few. What’s special about Coffee MIO is our talent for blending the best coffee beans to create flavours that delight.

  1. Mio D’Oro. This coffee is sweet, satisfying and flavoursome with a mild smooth pleasant flavour. Suitable for all day drinking as a ‘latte’ or as an ‘espresso’.
  2. Espresso. Medium roast yields a thick delicious golden ‘crema’ with a tangy band of flavour across the back of the tongue with no bitterness.
  3. Colombian. Grown at the highest altitude, it is a full bodied coffee with a tangy flavour, rich yet mild with a clean fruity after-taste. An excellent evening coffee.
  4. Decaffeinated. Well balanced with medium body and full aroma. The coffee is decaffeinated but retains virtually all the flavour characteristics while providing a product that is approximately 99.5% caffeine-free.
  5. Brazil Oro. Medium roast, sweet and aromatic very smooth no bitterness with a medium body. Great for blending. Suitable for plunger, drip filter and percolator.


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